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Company Statement: In 2000, Carolina Pad helped transform the stationery industry. How? By introducing fashion school and office products! In the 1980s and 1990s, Carolina Pad, like many other paper product manufacturers, faced the twin challenges of declining profit margins and stiff competition from overseas. The company shifted its focus from manufacturing products to designing them. Carolina Pad was the first company to add fashion to school and office products. Clay, who bought majority interest in the company in 2003, also expanded operations internationally, opening offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Our relationship started in 2000 and lives on today 2012. TRUE STORY: My entire relationship with Carolina Pad and Paper was developed one day while shopping Walmart I picked up a Mr. Nifty pack of paper clips. I liked the marketing and presentation. So I sent Mr. Nifty and email, then a postcard, then an email until Mr Nifty aka. Paul Wagner had no choice but to meet with us and review our products and the rest is history!

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