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Tina Goldkind

Brutally Honest Superhero

Tina was born and raised on Long Island where she held firmly to the slogan, "I don't wanna grow up I am a Toys R Us kid!" She played Barbie dolls long into her high school years. Focus was a factor for her long before the supplement with the same name was launched. Being an avid equestrian she rode her way into her dreams atop Silverado at the Maclay and Medal finals. She studied medicine but half way through she discovered Dr. Dreadful (a boys edible activity toy for all you non-fun folks) and she decided toys were more interesting, so she graduated with two degrees; a BS in Biology and a BFA in Toy Design.

Random Facts:

Tina took the road less traveled, winding her way through the professional toy inventing community, selling product concepts all along the way. She then went skipping through every part of the candy industry from manufacturing to product development even exploring retail buying and merchandising. Having an insatiable need to learn she jumped at the opportunity to work with toy manufacturing companies and get yet another perspective on the business. Having explored every nook and cranny of the toy and candy industry Tina left her mark on each venture with a memorable list of results. From research to invention, product development to buying and merchandising, from Swedish fish to craft activities she has done it all!